Which Laptop Should I Buy?

So here are my recommendations agnostic of the platform used but trying to recommended the best available user experience at a range of price points.

Chromebook 16GB WiFi Flash 2GB Cache 11.6″   $250* (Samsung Wifi and 3G Version $330)
ThinkPad Edge E530 15.6″ 750GB 6GB (Install Thunderbird + LibreOffice) $669
Macbook Air 11″ 128GB 4GB               $1099
Macbook Air 13″ 256GB 8GB               $1599*
Macbook Pro 15″ 2.6GHz 750GB 5400 ATA, HiRes Antiglare $2299
Macbook Pro 15″ Retina 512GB Flash, 16GB 2.6GHz $2999

* Best Options

If you are looking specifically for a Windows based machine read my post here. And for tablets here.

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