Which Computer Should I Buy?

One of the questions any of us working in technology frequently get asked by everybody from our mother to the person standing inline at the cinema is “Which computer should I buy?”. In reality most of us don’t spend our time scanning the functionality and price points every day and the answer depends on the usage the individual expects as well as how much access they have to advice, and how independent of that advice they aim to be. I’m going to post a simple set of posts that attempt to give an answer to the question for a variety of scenarios. I’m limiting myself to the price points in the US market and the wireless availability in the US. Not all wireless devices have service agreements negotiated in all countries and the prices in many markets are inflated well above the price in larger more competitive markets so you will have to take my advice and map it onto what you find locally.

Firstly if we are answering this question for everybody we can’t assume that they have internet access at home. While 93% of US households are passed by at least 1 high speed internet provider however only 38% subscribe. Actually only 43.7% of homes passed subscribe to cable TV so it is unlikely that the subscription rate for high speed internet is going to increase much. 93% x 38% gives only 35% of homes having high speed internet access. This makes devices with cellular network access particularly attractive for most purchasers.

So for those people, like most, who don’t have access to WiFi internet connections at both home and work my recommended options are:

* Best Option

For those with access to high speed internet (DSL, Cable or FIOS) at home see my posts on Tablets or Laptops.

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