Setting a MacBook serial number from OS X

This procedure is for those who have reformatted their firmware probably following the instructions from Apple on what to do prior to selling or transferring your computer. Possibly you replaced your mother board and the technician did not set the serial number. Subsequently you find that you are unable to create apple IDs (With a […]

Debug and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for PHP

Selection There are three popular cross platform Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) which support PHP and include a debugger. Two open source options PHPEclipse and Netbeans and a purchased product phpStorm (Personal: $99, Corporate: $199) each from their respective companies. All three have similar functionality: The ability to edit and debug code as well as to […]

Which Laptop Should I Buy?

So here are my recommendations agnostic of the platform used but trying to recommended the best available user experience at a range of price points. Chromebook 16GB WiFi Flash 2GB Cache 11.6″   $250* (Samsung Wifi and 3G Version $330) ThinkPad Edge E530 15.6″ 750GB 6GB (Install Thunderbird + LibreOffice) $669 Macbook Air 11″ 128GB 4GB               […]

Which Windows Computer Should I buy?

Many people specifically want a Windows machine because of the comfort of knowing that the version of Microsoft Office that they have is exactly the same as that of their colleagues. ThinkPad Edge E530 15.6″ 750GB 6GB i5 3.1GHz $669* ThinkPad Edge E430 14″ 500GB ATA 4GB+4GB($160) i7 2.1GHz $999 ThinkPad W530 15.6″ 500GB 8GB […]

Which Computer Should I Buy?

One of the questions any of us working in technology frequently get asked by everybody from our mother to the person standing inline at the cinema is “Which computer should I buy?”. In reality most of us don’t spend our time scanning the functionality and price points every day and the answer depends on the […]

Which Tablet Should I Choose?

October 2012 brought forth a rash of new tablet offerings from Apple, Google and their partners as well as Amazon. But which tablet should I choose? If you have a high speed (Not dialup) internet connection both at home and work then you may make very little use of cellular internet access so choose one […]

Identifying your Linux version

To identify the linux installation that your hosting service is using try “uname -o”. If you need more details try: uname -a cat /proc/version cat /etc/issue uname -r cat /etc/*version cat /etc/*release cat /etc/*config To understand if it is a 64bit or 32bit system look for a 32 or 64 in the result. The following […]

Network services v Cloud Services

Having spent a good part of yesterday trying to get a file share working from a new server to a variety of Mac and PC machines around the home office I can’t help reflecting on what a complete waste of time it was. The elusive goal was the same functionality that is offered by Dropbox. […]

Creating a Bash Shell Progress Indicator

In writing a script which iterated over a matrix taking over a minute for each ‘column’ of the matrix I decided it would be much more meaningful to see the progress as a percentage. The following snippet of code does this for you. The line: echo -n “$((${NUMBER}*100/${MAXPROG})) %     ” calculates the percentage of NUMBER/MAXPROG […]