Creating a OS X USB drive from El Capitan

Based on a method posted on MacRumors here I have been able to create a USB thumb drive which was able to bootable by holding down the option key during OS X El Capitan reboot. There are many sets of instructions online which use dd, but the process below is simpler and doesn’t require use of […]

Using a UNIX / Linux shell for PHP programming.

There are many people with years of experience of PHP but who are not so familiar with UNIX, and now, Linux environments that many web projects. For PHP developers wanting to take part in LAMP projects I have compiled the following list of free tutorials. A nice to the point intro tutorial from H Stonebank […]

A Balanced Coding Philosophy

Trying to get the philosophy behind a software development culture, or around IT in general, right can be a balancing act between developers and business owners or in the case of service between support staff and users. There are such different priorities for the different stakeholders and work often has to be done to get […]

Removing Spam User Posts

The Problem Faced with a deluge of unwanted user posts across a set of blogs the perils of leaving the new new user registration creating ‘contributors’ instead of ‘subscribers’ are far more apparent. The number of posts involved was over 15,000 on two of the blogs. The posts unfortunately were not of avid on topic […]

Using Amazon Web Services

I am writing a series of posts related to different aspects of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as I increasingly use AWS for new projects. Different projects will need different levels of scalability so different services make sense. In particular the use of geo location to retrive access to the dynamic elements of a website from […]

The Chrome Browser as an OS

Having spent several days using chrome 8.0 (Available for both Windows and Mac) it is clear how the new Chrome application store and Chrome apps could replace the overlapping window environment that we have been playing with sine the 8O’s. The applications appear as windows which are tabs within the browsers. For the technically sophisticated […]