Which Tablet Should I Choose?

October 2012 brought forth a rash of new tablet offerings from Apple, Google and their partners as well as Amazon. But which tablet should I choose? If you have a high speed (Not dialup) internet connection both at home and work then you may make very little use of cellular internet access so choose one of the laptops below based largely on the price point.

Nexus 7 7″ 16GB                  $199
Fire HD 7″ 32 GB w/o Offers $264*
iPod Touch 4″ 32GB            $299
iPad2 9.7″ 16GB                 $399*
iPad mini 7.9″ 64GB            $529
iPad(‘4’) 9.7″ Retina 64GB    $699
iPad(‘4’) 9.7″ Retina 3G. 64. $829
*Best Choice

If you don’t have WiFi access both at home and at work then read my recommendations for devices with cellular access. For laptops read here.

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